Merry Christmas!!!

Bonsoir!  Nous esperons que vous aves passé de joyeuses fêtes!

Voilà quelques photos du mois de décembre!

Don’t forget to go here to read our most recent newsletter!  There is a lot more about our actual school in the newsletter, so I didn’t put much of that here in the blog because I didn’t want to bore those who actually read both! 🙂

We have learned so much already — yes, a lot of French, but also that God can teach us so much in the waiting. I feel like I’ve talked to and know a lot of people who are in a period of waiting in their lives.  A lot of times I just want to rush through the waiting, but God has taught me so much about His character during this time and I am so thankful for that.

Anyway… here are some pics of our life outside school from December in Massy!

We went to a Christmas market in Massy and there was a free carrousel!! We may have ridden it 4 times.

Amelia is in preschool around the corner from our home. It’s all in French!! She’s doing an amazing job.  There is a little boy who is in Amelia’s class whose mom is Canadian and dad is French.  They invited us over for a Christmas get-together and we had foie gras for the first time!  The picture below is Vince (the dad) showing Michael how to make foie gras!
One thing I’m having to get used to is doing dishes multiple times a day since we don’t have a dish washer. I can’t complain too much though because the view out of our kitchen window is spectacular (especially in the fall!!)

The girls enjoyed getting Christmas presents throughout the month!  Started with Jimi and Papa (Vivian’s parents!) and Vivian,  then they got to open presents from Meena and Pa (Michael’s parents) and Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Hillary, and Hannah a few days before Christmas!

A few pictures of us just hanging out at home.
This one is of Amelia checking StarBright’s ears.

Our friends, the Eison’s, came to visit us in Massy!!! Loved seeing friends from Greenville! Thanks for stopping by! Sorry we didn’t get a picture all together!

My (Jenn’s) parents came to visit for Christmas. We stayed with them in an Airbnb in the middle of Paris for the week of Christmas which was so fun!

Michael and I were able to slip out for a date night one of the nights my family was here!

Since there are about 8 hours of daylight these days and it’s usually cold and wet, we find other things to do inside! One of my awesome friends here, Courtney, found this place one town over. It’s called Playmobil land! Kids can come in and play at tables with all the figurines for only 3 euros! Well spent money in my opinion, ESPECIALLY because we don’t have to clean up the toys at the end!!

The girls enjoying some of their Christmas presents! (Thanks Gigi and Papa for the peg boards and thanks Meena and Pa for the floor mat!)

A tout à l’heure!!

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